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Why You Should Never Kiss Your Boss

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You really should never kiss your boss…probably…

Ben Torres is a better-than-a-Boy-Scout, trauma surgeon extraordinaire. Who just punched a patient in the face.

Jessica Bradford is the director of the ER. His boss. And the one who put him up on a pedestal.

She’s also the person most freaked out by his insistence that he’s quit for good. She’s determined to do whatever it takes to bring him back.  

First order of business is prying his perfect ass off the bar stool… and keeping her huge crush on him under control. Except he refuses to move until she agrees to—and then loses—a bet for 48 hours of her undivided attention.

Okay, she can handle this. How much trouble could they possibly get into in two days? And how much could she possibly enjoy that trouble?

She’s not the type to actually fall in love with a charming playboy who’s only out for a good time. Or so she thought.

this book was previously published as Just Right (Just Everyday Heroes: Day Shift/ the Bradfords)

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