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Bayou Tonight

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She’s so not his type. But he’s been thinking about her for almost a year now.

He needs to figure out a way to get over her.

Though kissing her at their friends’ wedding probably isn’t it…

FBI agent Spencer Landry is looking for a sweet, bubbly sunshine at home to balance out all the darkness he sees in his work.

Investigative journalist Max Keller is anything but. 

Oh, she’s gorgeous, and funny, and smart. But she’s also quirky and sarcastic, loves crime scenes, and can’t bake a brownie to save her life.

They’re never going to work out.

He really should stop kissing her.

So this will be the last time.

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Customer Reviews

Sara Pranskunas

8 months ago

Now I Want Brownies

Erin Nicholas has done it again. This short novella was funny, exciting, hot and suspenseful. Hard to do in a short story. I’m reading the next book as soon as I finish this review.