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Always Bayou

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A grumpy-sunshine, childhood friends-to-lovers romance!

They grew up next door to one another. 
Not exactly friends. 
Not really enemies.
But definitely not crushes or lovers. 

Until...they were. 

A scorching three-month affair, an amicable breakup, a year-and-a-half of what-the-hell-are-we-now, and suddenly they're both back living next door to each other, and now their entire hometown is trying to play matchmaker. 

Yeah, there's an actual contest going on. 
There's even a trophy up for grabs.

A little fake dating, a little road trip with only one bed left in the charming bed and breakfast (of course), a not-so-little waking up together in Vegas with a vague recollection of a wedding chapel, and Beau and Becca are going to need to figure out just what they want this thing to be. 

Are they best friends forever?
Or are they each other's actual forever?

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Customer Reviews

Elizabeth Kemper

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Changing Circumstances

Beau and Becca have been frIenenemies since age ten. They've been neighbors and each other's sounding boards since that time. They've always been painfully honest with each other. Until, as adults, they realize they are more than honesty advisors to each other. They realize they're physically and emotionally attracted. But Beau finds he is cynical about their connection, he is afraid he's not good enough for her. That she'll leave him for bigger and better things. She's been off to college while he started his own custom woodworking business. Now they must find out if they can overcome their years of bickering, insecurity and brutal honesty. Can they learn to use their honesty for good, for their community and for each other? And, also, thank god for the brilliant advice and wisdom of Ellie Landry.

Rhonda Madison

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Friends to lovers to friends to more

Becca and Beau have lived next door to each other forever. They were best friends who would tell each other the truth. When they were out of high school, Beau finally noticed Becca was beautiful and he really liked her. They kissed for the first time which led to more for a short time. Even after they broke up, they both loved each other. When Becca moved back to Autre to be a teacher, the town decided to "help" them get back together by holding a secret contest. Beau and Becca caught on but decided to go along with it. Beau wants the best for Becca and thinks that she should spread her wings beyond Autre even though it means that they wouldn't be close. Will they be torn apart by that or will Ellie get involved by dispensing her wisdom? This is a wonderful story and we see all the people that are usually in Autre stories.


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Sweet, hot, perfect!

Holy hotness, friends! Erin Nicholas has done it again!

Always Bayou is part of her Autre universe, and is about Beau Hebert and Becca Bollier. It’s a delicious neighbors to truth-telling friends to lovers, with some backtracking and detours along the way. While Beau has always known Autre is it for him and where he wants to build his custom furniture business and make an impact, he doesn’t want to presume the same for Becca or hold her back. So, he steps back.

The good thing / bad thing about a small town is that everyone is all up in your business, and when Beau and Becca are trying to find their way, their friends and families are going to hold up the light for them, whether it’s locking them in an attic or casting them in a community production or creating a trophy to be awarded to whomever gets them together…

Erin Nicholas’s writing is warm and uplifting as always, and she draws readers right into Becca and Beau’s journey. Always Bayou is a sweet, HOT reminder that there’s no place like home, and home? That’s indeed where the heart is!


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

How to make your glasses steam up!

I’ve sat here trying to write a quality review for a good 15 minutes but I can’t quite find the phrases. There are just not enough superlatives for this book. Tied in first place for my all time Erin Nicholas favourite book (no one can kick Beauty and the Bayou off top spot but this one definitely tried!). Absolutely superb.

Jen Lundsten

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

With Autre taking bets.....

Second chances, friends-to-lovers, and a toen placing bets on when they'll get back together?!? Beau and Becca never stand a chance of resisting each other!!

I love this story!! Beau is so protective and sweet (and a little grumpy). Becca is so strong and sassy. Together they are Steamy with a capital S (seriously, these two are on fire!) The two bet (with a trophy) is the most naturally Autre thing that could have happened. It's funny, it's romantic, it's sexy, the perfect weekend read!!