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Always Bayou-Paperback

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A friends-to-lovers, second chance, small town rom com!

They grew up next door to one another. 
Not exactly friends. 
Not really enemies.
But definitely not crushes or lovers. 

Until...they were. 

A scorching three-month affair, an amicable breakup, a year-and-a-half of what-the-hell-are-we-now, and suddenly they're both back living next door to each other, and now their entire hometown is trying to play matchmaker. 

Yeah, there's an actual contest going on. 
There's even a trophy up for grabs.

A little fake dating, a little road trip with only one bed left in the charming bed and breakfast (of course), a not-so-little waking up together in Vegas with a vague recollection of a wedding chapel, and Beau and Becca are going to need to figure out just what they want this thing to be. 

Are they best friends forever?
Or are they each other's actual forever?

*also available in ebook

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