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Kiss My Giraffe AUDIOBOOK

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Narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Melissa Moran!

Enemies to friends to almost lovers…then back to kind-of enemies…to lovers. For a guy who wanted to keep things simple this is anything but.

Fiona knew Knox would be mad when she moved in next door.

And not because she brought a collection of wild animals with her.

And she was right.

So she intended to leave him alone. Mostly.

But he’s not ignoring her. He’s actively working to send her and her “ridiculous menagerie” (rude) right back out of town.

Still, as hard as she tries, it’s impossible to stop thinking about the small town grump’s long hair and tattoos and that mouth.

Not the one that’s almost always set in a grim line and says things like, “you got a permit for that?”

Nope, the one that kisses her like she’s everything he’s ever wanted and says very dirty things in her ear. And sweet, protective, supportive things. Sometimes. Accidentally. When she catches him off-guard.

The one that also says he only wants a long-distance fling with her. Nothing serious. And that he never dates women he sees every day. Like his neighbor.

Well, fine. If he doesn’t want her—and her unbelievable past and that-can’t-be-real future—then she doesn’t want him either. He can just kiss her…giraffe. (Yeah, she actually has a couple of those.)

Now she just needs to convince her heart to give him up.

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Amanda B

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Erin Outdoes Herself Yet Again!

Fiona and Knox... in audio... just wow. This is still one of my favorite books by Erin, and it's definitely up there as one of her steamiest!

Teddy Hamilton and Melissa Moran do a fantastic job of bringing these two characters to life.

Knox loves everything in his life to be in order. When he can oversee and control how things turn out, there is less room for error... and drama. But when Fiona barges into his life 2 years ago in her bright purple pick up truck, all of his perfectly laid plans go out the window, and straight into the bayou. But Fiona has way more in her life going on at the moment that will threaten to throw off any hope of the two of them getting together. Or can they just keep things causal and long distance?

Of course, nothing is ever that simple for the people of Autre. This was a fantastic addition to the Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild, and I cannot recommend the audio version enough. Get this one, you won't regret it!


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Puts me right on the bayou.

Kiss My Giraffe (AUDIO) by Erin Nicholas is the books Nicholas’ fans have been waiting for: the romance between Fiona and Knox. Knox is the grumpy city manager of Autre, Louisiana, and a perfectionist. Every time Fiona has come to Autre, she seems to make him mad. He loves paperwork and demands hers every time she brings an animal to Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild. He lets her know about the traffic complaints by residents who are inconvenienced by visitors to the animal park. He is just generally cranky, but also as sexy as can be. The last time she saw him, before she left for Christmas, they had kissed and talked about sleeping together.That was when she had left him with three baby otters. Was it a test? Maybe.

Knox had a firm rule about women that lived nearby. He stayed away from them. Fiona lived in Florida so he was good with that. He wanted her a lot, had for months. Knowing that made him grumpier. Fiona was the furthest thing from grumpy. She re-homed lost and hurt animals, rescues mostly. She didn’t hesitate to go into a tornado or earthquake to rescue abandoned or hurt animals. She also dealt with illegals: animals bought and sold illegally, often kept in sub-par conditions. It broke her heart when she saw starved animals and she didn’t hesitate to rush in and rescue them, or arrange for their rescues. Not only is this a terrific romance, but it is also an education on how people mistreat animals, as is the entire series. I love these books, and I loved this one in particular. Lots of surprises.

Melissa Moran and Teddy Hamilton were the narrators and did a fine job, mostly. I did take a little exception to Teddy’s portrayal of an Irish accent. Other than that they were both terrific.

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of the audio version of Kiss My Giraffe by the author. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #kissmygiraffe #erinnicholas #melissamoran #teddyhamilton

Angela Reed

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Phenomenal. Great book. Great narrator's.

Wow! There's nothing Erin Nicholas can't do when it comes to a book. I just love all her books. She creates magic with her words. I adore the world's she takes us to.
I love audiobooks. I love being able to drive or cook and still get to hear great books.
In Kiss My Giraffe we finally get Knox and Fiona's story. Knox is the perfect grumpy hero and Fiona is the perfect combination of sassy with a bit of feistiness and determination added. I was captivated from the beginning. I loved the giraffe aspect. The details were rich and accurate. The narrator's, Melissa Moran and Teddy Hamilton spoke clear. I felt all the feels listening to Melissa and Teddy speak. Their voices were full of emotion. I felt as if I were their talking to Melissa and Teddy and not listening to them narrate a story. It felt so real. I really felt as if I were in Autre with great friends. I was mesmerized. Kiss My Giraffe will stay in my heart forever. Perfect ending to a phenomenal series.

Johanna Wright

Verified Buyer

1 year ago


This book was great! Knox and Fiona fit so well together and once he got over himself with her help to realize that who he was personality wise was EXACTLY what she liked about him!

A little gruff but a lot of heart! And the bigger the gruff exterior you KNOW that means they fall harder!

I love the fact that FK fell for the little girl as hard as he fell for Fiona! She is also a major spitfire with a huge heart!

The narrators for this are Teddy Hamilton and Melissa Moran! They were perfect for their roles! They each were able to add a small bit of the needed accents (Bayou/Irish) without ever being over the top.


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

What a Backstory!

Wow, I always liked Fiona before, but now? So much more! I love how crazy and interesting her backstory turned out to be. And the chemistry between her and Knox was off the charts. I felt it in previous books but it was so much more potent when the story was centered around them. Their scenes together are hot! But also sweet at times. And Knox with Saoirse? So adorable. This book is just… *chef’s kiss*