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Why You Should Never Kiss Your Ex-Husband

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He may now kiss his bride…again…

Kevin Campbell just found out that he’s been designated the guardian for a half-brother he never knew existed. And that’s not even the craziest thing about this night. The annulment he thought he got twelve years ago? Yeah, that never went through.

Eve is shocked to see him again, but not surprised they’re still married. After all, she was the one who refused to sign the annulment papers.

When she offers to help with his younger brother, a sweet preacher’s daughter seems like an answered prayer. But he soon realizes that she wants a second chance. At everything. And he has a hell of a time resisting her… which is exactly what got him into trouble last time.

this book was previously published as Just A Kiss (Just Everyday Heroes: Day Shift/ the Bradfords)

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