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Why You Should Never Kiss Your Enemy

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The last thing single dad and surgeon Nate Sullivan needs is more stress and distraction in his life. 

That makes his best friend’s gorgeous, mouthy, doesn’t-respect-schedules, hates-authority, has-no-boundaries sister a huge threat to his carefully balanced life. 

Nate is the kind of guy Emma Dixon hates: buttoned-up, rigid, his-way-or-the-highway. So why is he the guy she can’t quit thinking about and who she most loves sparring with?

They’re like oil and water. But when they’re thrown together on opposites sides of a “project”--Nate trying to keep his son from falling for the wrong girl and Emma playing cupid for the couple– they find they’re more like gasoline and a match.

this book was previously published as Best of Three (Just Everyday Heroes: Night Shift/ the Dixons)

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