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Inconveniently Bayou

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Becca has been the annoying girl next door since they were ten.

She’d gotten pretty at about aged fifteen. She’d gotten beautiful around sixteen-and-a-half—not that he’d been keeping track. Thank God, she hadn't gotten gorgeous until she was eighteen.

But she's always been annoying.

Especially when she's calling him out on his B.S.

And punching him in the nose.

Yeah, annoyance... that's what he's feeling when she comes down in one costume after another, showing off curves and all that skin, determined to attract some other guy's attention at the Halloween party.

But he's not so sure that's what he's feeling when he finally gives in and kisses this girl he’s always thought of as a neighbor, maybe a friend, and his sometimes-conscience. And who he’s now thinking of as mine.

This is the happy-for-now prequel to the full-length novel Always Bayou.

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